Ingredient Hunter is a 2D Restaurant Simulation game centered around exploring the wilderness for ingredients and crafting ingredients to make friends with your customers. You play as a character who has recently obtained a restaurant in the middle of the wilderness. Travelers stop by this restaurant to relax and get a quick bite for the night before retiring for the night. As you feed your guests, you make better friends with them, building a relationship and learning more about them so you can make dishes that accommodate to their tastes.

This project started as me wanting to make a game, and turned into a team of 16 undergraduate students, with some using this for independent study credit. I work as the Project Lead as well as a programmer for the game. The teams are broken down into five different sections:

  • Sound
  • Art/Animation
  • Programming
  • Gameplay
  • Narration

Project Lead Roles

  • Organize meetings and methods of communication using Agile inspired methodology.
  • Manage a number of students equivalent to a small indie company.
  • Resolve conflicts between team members and groups to increase workflow and build team rapport.
  • Guide other team members in the creative direction of the game to ensure a unified and consistent project design.

Programmer Roles

  • Designed a robust inventory and crafting system so that other teams will be able to add items in with ease.
  • Work in a team of four on separate tasks to maintain modular workflow.
  • Using C# in Visual Studio Unity and Git with Bitbucket to organize versions.

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