EyeDad was a project I worked on for our Game Development class in Fall 2018. The project was two months from ideation to its finished product.

The game focuses on two players, one being the robot in VR, and the other being a guiding “AI” player. The robot is a mechanical father who is tasked with taking care of their son, when suddenly their son is kidnapped! The father’s vision has been impaired, and they must communicate with their AI in order to fight through kidnappers and save their son.

Here is the itch.io page for more detail about the game itself.

Role in Development

  • Worked in Unity C# as sole programmer to develop a basic MVP for conceptual design of game.
  • Integrated HTC Vive interfacing and controls into Unity using SteamVR.
  • Contributed to premise and design of the game, focusing more on a wacky and frantic gameplay.