Currently working on a mobile Android Application for Senior Projects. The CU Boulder Senior Projects requires undergraduate CS students to work in a group with a sponsor on a project that the sponsor decides.

The ARBI App is an MVP Geolocation app that showcases the capabilities of Augmented Reality in a way that can benefit BI Incorporated, our sponsor. The app will display pins that represent geolocations of nearby places. These pins will be pulled from a remote database using an abstraction layer so that any database it pulls from it will be able to utilize it as a geolocation.

Current work is done through trial versions, although based on our results BI is willing to pay for licenses to the full version of Wikitude.

Role in Development

  • Implement Wikitude Augmented Reality Toolkit into Xamarin to provide a more easily implementable cross platform system.
  • Organize tasks and stories using Agile Sprint Methodology to ensure effective and cohesive workflow.
  • Communicate with sponsor and team using various project management tools like PivotalTracker, Slack, and Zoom.
  • Work with industry sponsor week to week to establish clear goals and manage expectations.